When attempting to straighten your hair, there are a few needless steps that most experts will advise you to do. In my opinion, the most needless step is to dry hair with a round brush. I find this to be too time consuming and very hard to do on yourself. Since 95% of the time you have to use a flat iron to straighten your hair anyway, skip the extra rolling with the brush and the added damage this causes.
* Blow-drying with a large brush is sometimes a needless step and can cause more damage to your hair, due to the tension you must apply to hair to straighten it.

* Always apply a leave-in conditioner or some sort of styling, smoothing product to protect your hair from the heat

* By rinsing hair with cool water as the last step in shampooing, you will smooth and close the cuticle the get a less frizzy effect
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Thermal Straightening your Hair with a Flat Iron...
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Thermal straightening has come a long way in the past years. With Ceramic Flat irons, Ionic blow-dryers, thermal styling protectants, getting your hair straight has never been easier and less damaging as it is today. By protecting your hair, using the right type of flat irons and using the tips below you can have beautiful, healthy straight hair.
Does straightening with a flat iron cause my hair damage?
Should I straighten my hair with a blow-dryer or a flat iron? Which causes less damage?
Everything you do to your hair causes some type of damage. And it depends on YOU and YOUR choices on the extent of damage you can do to your hair while using a flat iron to straighten. Taking the preventative measures below  will make the difference between healthy hair or damaged hair.
  • It is essential if you are going to straighten your hair at home that you invest in a high quality professional straightener! Cheap flat irons can damage hair if they have the old metal plates. You can read all about why professional straightening irons are better than cheaper, store bought flat irons in our Flat Iron Section.
  • Using the flat iron correctly will prevent damage. Check out below for flat ironing tips.
  • Use good quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are made to protect hair from heat. ALWAYS apply some type of  thermal protection to your hair before using a flat iron! These come in an array of forms: straightening balms, serums, sprays. Our favorite Straight line is by the masters of straight hair: CHI by Farouk. CHI's thermal infra line contains a balance of moisture for softness and proteins for strength. Made especially for heat styling.
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Straightening your Hair Tip and Tricks:
How can I get volume when I use my flat iton? My hair is always stick straight and flat.
Very common problem and easily fixed. First, if you aren't getting any volume at the root, you are holding the iron wrong at the root area. Most will hold the hair section down. This is wrong. You want to hold the hair section straight out from the head and place the iron at the root. Then roll down the hair strands. For Ex: Take the section you are about to iron, hold it vertically, straight out from the roots, place the flat iron at the roots then move straight, rolling down or straight, depending if you want the ends stick straight, flipped or under.

To get volume on top, section out the Mohawk top section (top flat section of your head). Starting at the very back, take a 1 by 2 inch section and hold hair straight up. Place the flat iron at roots (almost like the iron is sitting on the head) And pull the iron straight up then roll it backwards. This will give lift at the roots. Continue forward till the Mohawk section is finished. Think of it as if you were going to put hot rollers in you hair, but using an iron instead.
I'm getting crimp marks in my hair, why?
This happens when you don't move fast enough. Glide the flat iron down the hair, without stoping!
How come I can't get it as straight as my stylist can?
My clients always say "I can't ever get my hair as straighjt as you can, you do it much better." NO, Stylist do it smarter! And slower! You MUST section your hair. If you are not getting your hair as straight as you want and can, you aren't taking small enough sections. Think about it, you are basically creating a layer when you put the hair in the flat iron since it's double plated on both sides. If the section of hair is too thick, the middle can't be heated enough to straighten all the way. Work with 1 inch by 2 inch sections.
Additional Hair Straightening Tips:
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