Step 2.)  Before rinsing, detangle curly hair by running a wide-tooth comb through it. Then rinse with cool water to smooth and close the hair cuticle.
Step 3.)  Squeeze out extra moisture with a towel. Be sure not to rub the hair, as this will cause your curls to frizz. Squeeze the hair with a towel instead. Apply a leave in conditioner.
Step 4.)  Air drying is best for curly hair, but if you blow dry, use a diffuser attachment. Let curls separate naturally. If you want more volume, pick up pieces with your fingers at the roots and dry. Use your hands to scrunch the curls.
Step 5.)  When hair's almost dry, apply a shine booster or pomade to smooth and shine.
Tips & Tricks to controlling curly hair:

  • Always use a conditioner with a detangling agent curly hair
  • Try not to over-wash your curly hair. Skip washing every day and just rinse on off days
  • Look for a gel that contains guar gum, an ingredient that gives more control over styling and banishes frizzies
  • Always use a diffuser
  • Never dry your curly hair completely. Instead, leave it slightly damp and let it finish air-drying on its own
  • A reconstructive perm can sometimes tame your wild curls. They break down the bond in your hair and reform a new curl to the desired style. Ask your Stylist about these.
  • If curls are loose and or flat in one area, you may want to get a layered hair cut to boost them up
  • To diminish frizzies, do a final rinse with cool water to smooth the hair cuticle
  • If your hair is over curly, keep layers long so curls don't spring out of control.
  • Avoid products with alcohol that dry out the hair and make it frizzier.
  • To add shine and depth to your curls, try a light highlight with thin stands
  • To get those separated curls, wash hair, towel dry. Apply mousse and here's the trick: spritz hair with a non-aerosol hairspray all over. Comb through and dry with a diffuser.
  • Avoid short bangs. They tend to frame your face too much with curly hair.
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Curly Hair ...
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How to care for your curly hair:

Step 1.)  If you have curly hair, you know it breaks and tangles easily. Deep conditioning every other week will help. Try using a low PH shampoo and protein-rich conditioner. Daily shampooing dries the hair out. Try skipping the shampoo and opt for just rinsing your hair and maybe using just conditioner. Concentrate conditioner on ends, which are the most dry. Avoid applying conditioner at the roots. This can weight curly hair down. The natural oils in your scalp will take care of the root area.
How do I use a Diffuser to blow-dry my hair? Place the diffuser nozzle on the end on the dryer. Set the heat to cool or warm. For volume at the roots, flip head upside down and place the teeth of the diffuser directly into the root are. Use the teeth to lift the root. Move the diffuser around the head. For a hair diffuser to work correctly, you must stay close to the hair since the air flow is restricted. Lift the ends of the hair with the diffuser, almost as if you were using your fingers to scrunch the hair. Dry hair about 80% of the way.
Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachments
Most blow-dryers come with a diffuser attachment, a plastic attachment that fits on  the end of the dryer. A Blow dryer diffuser dries hair in a healthier manor that diffuses or spreads out air flow from the hair dryer.
What a Diffuser can do for your hair: Diffusers are extremely useful for minimizing heat damage from blow dryers by distributing the harsh dryer heat more evenly throughout your hair. The air flow is lessoned by the diffuser, which takes hair longer to dry. But for those who have curls, the diffuser can be your best friend. The hair diffuser creates great volume for curly hair along with keeping your curls intact.
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What to look for when buying a diffuser
When choosing a diffuser for your dryer, choose one that is large and round in size. Approximately 21/2 to 3 inches wide. A wider diffuser has better air distribution. This dries hair faster and is more gentle when drying curls.

The best kind of diffuser should have long "fingers", long round tipped ends sticking from diffuser base. Look for a diffuser that has less than 12 one to two inch "fingers". These fingers separate curls and can get right up to the root to create lift and volume. My favorite diffuser I use in the salon came along with the CHI Pro Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer. This diffuser has everything you need to make wave, scrunch curls, all while creating easy lift at the roots.
Curl products your hair will love
ALTERNA BAMBOO Smooth Frizz Correcting Styling Lotion
What they say: Winner of InStyle Best of Beauty Buy Award: Eco Friendly/ Styling Cream Bamboo Smooth Frizz- Correcting Styling Lotion combines strengthening pure Organic Bamboo Extract and smoothing Organic Kendi Oil to create sleek, shiny hair while fighting frizz and; flyaways all day
We say it feels like:
Super silky!!!
Redken Ringlet 07 Curl Perfector, Medium Control
What they say: Activate, define and control curls and waves with a weightless touch
We say it feels like: Nice light weight product that leaves curls soft and touchable, not sticky at all. Controls the frizz.
TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream
What they say: After-Party™ hair creme for silky smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair.  Control the funky fly-aways and silk-ify your hair.
We say it feels like: I had to add this! Love love love this cream. Cuts all frizz without ANY sticky, heavy feeling to the hair. Leaves hair silky smooth and cuts all frizz! You can use this two ways: apply to damp hair then blow dry or air dry. And you can use this as a finisher. Apply one pump to hands, and smooth or scrunch into hair. Love this for curls or smooth hair.
Rene Furterer ACANTHE Perfect Curls Curl Enhancing Leave-in Fluid
What they say: Acanthe Perfect Curls curl enhancing leave-in fluid provides body to curls and eliminates frizz. Natural Acanthus extract structures and redesigns curls, while avocado oil intensely hydrates and softens hair. Curls are perfectly shaped, frizz controlled and hair is shiny and supple.
We say it feels like: Love the shine and soft texture curls hair gets with this product. Not sticky or wet looking curls.
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