Blow-drying can have many effects on the outcome of your hair  style. Whether if you're straightening your hair with a blow dryer or drying your curls, the blow dryer is the first step in thermal styling.
     While blow-drying curly hair, you'll want to use a diffuser. A diffuser distributes heat evenly and doesn't blast the curls from your hair style. Using a curling hair styling product such as Frizz-Ease Corrective Styling Mousse, Curl Reviver  will give you added volume while protecting your hair from frizzies and works well to revive the curl. While blow-drying, scrunch hair with your hand to create more volume. It's also best not to dry curly hair all the way so you avoid added frizzies. If you're like a lot of curly heads, and get the beautiful curls at the end and flat roots, try lifting the roots and drying hair without the diffuser. But do this only at the roots. Ionic technology is best for this hair type.
     Start drying hair from roots, shaft to ends with a large round brush. A boar bristle brush will help give your hair a healthy shine by distributing the natural oils through the hair. The bristles are softer and more flexible than those found on a nylon brush. It will also help eliminate split ends and other damage from occurring. You must keep the brush and heat moving down the hair shaft to avoid the cuticles from standing up. (That's what causes frizzies) When hair is all dry apply a glosser for added shine. If your roots are flat, use a large 1 1/2" curling iron to give you lift.
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Tips for Blow Drying your Hair...
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What's all the hype with new Hair Dryers? With all the new technology, it's hard to keep all the terms straight. Who ever thought buying a blow dryer would be hard? Know these terms before buying a new hair dryer:
Ceramic Heat for more moisture: Ceramic hair dryers heat to a higher degree thus causing hair to dry faster while providing moisturizing heat.
Ionic technology for less frizz and more manageability: Negative ions diffuse the water molecules on the hair into micro fine particles, improving the hair’s moisture balance and enhancing shine while reducing frizz.
CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer is a perfect example of an ionic, ceramic dryer. It projects Millions of Negative Ions to break the water molecules rather than boiling them like a conventional dryer and dries hair 50% Faster!
Tourmaline Technology for silky, shiny hair: Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Ion output helps smooth the cuticle layer creating silky, shiny hair.
Tips for Blow Drying Curly Hair:
Straightening hair with a blow dryer:
If your goal is to blow your hair straight, apply a product such as Chi Straight Guard Styling Cream which has an easy brush glide formula and is an ideal styling tool for all your smooth, sleek styles while providing hair incredible control and smoothness and helping in eliminating frizz and creating superior shine.
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How do I use a Diffuser to blow-dry my hair? Place the diffuser nozzle on the end on the dryer. Set the heat to cool or warm. For volume at the roots, flip head upside down and place the teeth of the diffuser directly into the root are. Use the teeth to lift the root. Move the diffuser around the head. For a hair diffuser to work correctly, you must stay close to the hair since the air flow is restricted. Lift the ends of the hair with the diffuser, almost as if you were using your fingers to scrunch the hair. Dry hair about 80% of the way.
What a Diffuser can do for your hair: Diffusers are extremely useful for minimizing heat damage from blow dryers by distributing the harsh dryer heat more evenly throughout your hair. The air flow is lessoned by the diffuser, which takes hair longer to dry. But for those who have curls, the diffuser can be your best friend. The hair diffuser creates great volume for curly hair along with keeping your curls intact.
Most blow-dryers come with a diffuser attachment, a plastic attachment that fits on  the end of the dryer. A Blow dryer diffuser dries hair in a healthier manor that diffuses or spreads out air flow from the hair dryer.
Blow drying Techniques: Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachments