Top of head
1.) Blow dry hair completely dry.
2.) Section the very top of your hair into 3 sections. Take section 1, hold hair completely straight up and spritz roots with hairspray. Use the largest hot rollers to roll hair toward the back of head. Continue to do the same with sections 2 & 3. The roller must be directly on base or slightly in front.
Next, Side of head
When rolling the side of your head, hot rollers will be placed on base and rolled downward. Spritz each roller with spray. For a flipped effect on the very ends of your bottom hair, roll hot rollers upward.Roll other side of head the same way.
Allow to set for at least 10 minutes. When hot rollers are completely cool, remove.
Flip hair upside down and shake out using both hands at the roots. Flip head up wright and begin styling with fingers, placing hair where you want it. Finish with a light spray.
Sectioning your Hair when using Hot Rollers:
When rolling hair yourself, it is easiest to section your head into 3 main sections: Top from bangs to the back of the crown, Sides from ear to ear, And Bottom,all hair below the top of the ears. Incorporate the very back of your hair by pulling it forward where you can see it, below th ears, as it is very difficult to place hot rollers in the very back of your hair by yourself.

Note- When rolling hair, on base, you place the roller directly on top of the hair rolled. This will give you the most volume. Off base, roller is placed slightly behind hair section, will give more curls to the ends and little volume. 1/2 base gives slight volume and hot rollers are placed slightly behind the section of hair.
Hot Roller Tips:
* Use a medium hold spray at the roots when rolling. If you use an ultra hold spray, it will be difficult to shake out.
* Use the larger roller for little curl, smaller for more curl
* Hair must be completely dry
* Roll down for more volume at the root and up for a flipped effect at the ends
* Speed up the process by applying additional heat with your blow dryer
* Do not remove hot rollers if they are still warm
* After hair is all rolled, spritz hair lightly
* Finger comb curls to break your hair up
* Hot rollers are not just for long hair. They can be used as long as your hair can fit around the roller once.
* To get more volume, hair can be teased slightly at the root prior to rolling
* Allow hot rollers to heat completely before using
* If curl is too tight, use a blow dryer and brush to tame the curls
Hot Rollers come in a variety of shapes & sizes, activated by either heater coils such as Conair Instant Heat Jumbo Sized Rollers or steam. Steam activated hot rollers like Caruso Professional Molecular ION Steam Hairsette heat up almost instantly and roll in the same way as traditional coil hot rollers.
One misconception about hot rollers is that it takes longer to style your hair with these than with curling irons. But, have you ever walked around your house or got dressed with a curling iron in your hand? You can utilize the processing time to other things that must be done.
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How to Use Hot Rollers ...
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For this method, you will use jumbo hot rollers, or the 2 largest sizes in your hot roller sets.

You can choose to place a few hot rollers on the very top of your head going back, or you can skip those and start and roll from the sides down. The second is the method we will use.
1. Dry hair. And part hair to whatever side you will be wearing hair to.
DO NOT use any styling products such as shine sprays, pomade, or wax YET!!! You will only be using very little hair spray right now. If you use other products BEFORE rolling, the set will not stay!!!!
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2. Take large 2 1/2 inch sections, starting on the upper front hairline, about 1 inch down from the top of your head, to ear level. This will be an off base roll, see above.
Roll hair backwards. The hot rollers will be placed in VERTICLEY, up and down. This section will take 3 rollers.

3. Moving to the bottom section, below the ear, roll the rest of the sections back. This type of set is where Conair SPC10R Super Clips make it so much easier on you. They secure the hair so much better than the clips they give you with your kits. Spritz each roller with hairspray.
You should have 2 rows of rollers, approx. 6 rollers each on both sides, all in vertical positions, going backwards. The very top of your head should not hair rollers in it unless you want volume up top.

4. Let set for recommended time. When you take the hot rollers out, allow to cool!!!! With your had, comb the hair backwards to loosen the curls. Now is when you will use pomade, shine spray, serum or any other finishing product to create definition. Styles 101 favorite finishing pick: Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum. The Serum creates shine and perfect definition without stickiness.
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